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5 Appliances To Make Your Meal Prep Effortless

When it comes to prepping my weekly meals to fuel my body for intense lifting and gruelling cardio sessions I've gone through a whole bunch of different pots, pans and cooking appliances, here are the appliances that after much testing I've found to work best.

These will all save you time and money in the long term while cooking your ingredients to perfection.
I spend my Sunday evenings preparing my meals for the week with the following appliances.

Here's The Blender I Use & Recommend...

I've literally used the Ninja 1100w blender to make thousands of shakes, many loaded with tons of frozen berries etc. and this thing has never missed a beat.
I highly recommend you invest in a high quality blender such as this one, it'll last you forever.

Check out the Ninja 1100w blender I recommend here.

Here's The Egg Cooker I Use & Recommend

The most inexpensive useful kitchen appliance I own.
Perfectly cooked eggs every single time in a matter of minutes, simply set and forget.

Every guy really should include eggs in their diet as it's a very high quality protein.
Check out the egg cooker here.

I Use This Steamer For EVERYTHING

From steaming my veggies (brocolli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, carrots) to preparing basmati rice, chicken breast and fish fillets this inexpensive steamer has enough room and levels to get the majority of your meal prep done in one go, set the timer and let it go.

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Check out the Bella steamer here.

Here's The Indoor Grill I Use For Steaks & Seafood

There's a lot of upsides to living in an inner city apartment, however one downside is I'm unable to have a gas barbeque, it took a lot of trial and error to finally find a good alternative to cook my prawns, salmon and steaks on - the Hamilton Beach indoor searing grill with viewing window does an amazing job.

Check it out here.

This Slowcooker Makes Meal Prep Effortless...

High protein soups, stews, satays and curries, I cook them all to tender perfection in this slow cooker.
If you invest in one cooking appliance out of all of the appliances I use on this page I'd point you in the direction of this versatile cooker.

What's Your Go-To Meal Prep Appliance?

Scott J.
Scott J.
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