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Life Rips: Chris Delia on Gratitude

Life Rips

Wake up every day and remind yourself that life rips.
While I’m working, while I’m driving, while I’m running and lifting I’m constantly listening to podcasts.
I used to only listen to the Joe Rogan Experience, Tim Ferris and one or two others here and there...
Today I’ve got a ton of podcast subscriptions, which one which just happens to be Chris Delia’s ‘Congratulations Podcast’. This podcast is full of non-sense but it’s an entertaining listen while out on those long Sunday morning runs (I’m currently training for a half marathon).
Throwback to listening to episode 135 of Congratulations as I continue to pound away on the pavement following a path along the coastline of Western Australia.
My right knee is starting to ache and I can’t seem to stretch the cramp out of my left quad - I’m not in a great mood.
Then Chris Delia proclaims life rips!
A couple of words, they don’t sound like much... just another ‘bit’ being performed by a comedian on a podcast.
Literally every single day since I heard those two words in August 2019 I wake up and remind myself every morning that life rips.
You’re lucky to be here, I’m lucky to be here.
As a percentage very few people will know what it’s like to feel the runners high while exploring the picturesque coastline of the most isolated city in the world.
We must put our ‘issues’ into perspective.
Far too often people (myself included) allow themselves to become overcome with negativity and bad changes in state from the most trivial of things.
A comment from a passer by. Life rips.
A $20 parking fine. Life rips.
A cramp in your quad. Life rips.
Whenever you encountering one of those things that would usually upset you or change your state for the worse remind yourself that life rips.
You don’t even have to use Chris Delia’s saying, choose your own word or sentence and use it as a trigger.
A trigger to remind yourself that you’re alive and life is good.
Be positive.
Show gratitude.
Have a great day.

Life Rips is a Mindset...

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Scott J.
Scott J.
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