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5 Tips To Stay Motivated While Training At Home

How To Stay Motivated While Training At Home

I'm not going to lie, it's significantly harder to get motivated and maintain a high intensity when working out at home, a lot of the motivation principles really don't apply that would if you were physically getting in your car and driving to the gym.

The act of getting in your car and driving to the gym is a great trigger to actually get your workout done.
You've already invested both time and money in getting to the gym and you aren't leaving until you've finished your prescribed sets and reps.

That's enough to get most guys smashing their workout regime day in day out.

Unfortunately things are a little different now...

With gyms closed and the vast majority of us stuck inside in home isolation this anchor doesn't exist anymore.

How do you stay motivated to train at home when you're surrounded by distractions and can't get into the mindset to train as easily? Below you'll find 5 tips which have been working for me thus far.

1 - Follow A Structured Routine

Occasionally when training a body part at the gym I'll train based off how that muscle group feels, I won't have a list of exercises, sets or reps... at home this is far from a good idea.
When you don't have a plan, particularly when training at home your workout will often be far less intense and shorter than usual.
I'm not going to debate whether you should perform a strict bodyweight only regime or whether you should fill a suitcase up with books and perform a suitcase workout.

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I'm sure you've heard the old saying, "the best routine is the routine you follow" and in times like these I couldn't agree more with that.

Following a routine, even if it isn't the most well structured regime is going to net you far better results provided you perform it to a high intensity and don't miss a day compared to the 'best' workout program if you fail to maintain intensity and skip workouts here and there because you don't find it enjoyable.

Each workout should be planned out in advance in a diary or on a whiteboard so you know exactly what needs to be done.
Exercises, sets, reps, rest time between sets. Document it all to ensure you do it all.

2 - Put On Your Gym Clothes

Putting on your gym clothes as if you were going to the gym is a great technique to replicate part of the mindset of going to the gym.
I'm a big beliver in 'dressing for success' and this technique falls directly in line with that - if you're working from home instead of going in to the office you'll find that by wearing your usual work attire (e.g. a suit) you'll be far more productive than if you were lounging around in pyjamas. Change of clothes = change of mindset.

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Wear exactly what you would normally wear to the gym and hell, even consider carrying your duffle bag with your towel and water bottle etc. to your where you're going to train at home to avoid running around the house to find your towel and what not later.

3 - Join One Of The Many Challenges On Social Media

Public accountability is a legitimate technique for getting projects, goals and challenges done.

As gyms all around the world are closed fitness fanatics and influencers are creating a multitude of different challenges to keep themselves entertained while also keeping each other accountable.

Hell, if you can't find a challenge that peaks your interest why not create your own?

Set the challenge and post a photo/video on Instagram each day showing you've completed the task.

If you skip a day people will know. This keeps you accountable.

From 100 pull-ups a day for the month of April to running the number of miles of the date of the month (1st of April = 1 mile, 2nd of April = 2 miles etc.) there's a challenge out there for everyone.

4 - Have A Dedicated Workout Area

It doesn't matter how much or how little equipment you have to train with, just ensure you have it located in a dedicated workout area.
This is the best way we're able to replicate the anchor of driving to the gym.

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Now when you enter your dedicated workout area which should have your yoga mat and dumbbells etc. neatly organized you know it's time to train.

Don't do push-ups or leg raises etc. anywhere else in the house, all exercise is to be performed in your dedicated workout area.
This might be an area under your patio, it might be in the corner of your spare room... it honestly doesn't matter what or how big it is - just ensure it's dedicated for training.

5 - Use A Timer For Your Rest Intervals

This technique is what really increased the intensity of my home workouts, at the start I did't use a timer or any sort of indicator of how long my rest periods were between sets... I attempted to keep my rest periods short but they were inconsistent between sets and exercises, I don't have a giant timer/clock on the wall like I would if I were at the gym.

A simple fix, use the clock/timer feature on your phone or download a free round timer app.

Looking For A Home Workout Routine To Get You Started?

Below you'll find links to a number of fantastic workout regimes that can be performed at home, I've personally performed and tested each of these regimes, perform them with a high intensity an textbook form and you'll find yourself maintaining the gains you've made in the gym.

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Do You Have Any Other Tips You Use To Stay Motivated While Training At Home?

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