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How To: Muscle Up

Muscle Up
The muscle up is a demonstrate of explosive power and upper body strength.
Mastered the bodyweight dip and chest to bar pull-up? Great! It's time to combine them together...

Ensure you're using a false grip (thumb over the top of the bar).

Movement: Compound

Targets: Shoulders, Back, Triceps & Core

Required: Pull-up Bar

Optional: N/A

Muscle Up Form:

Commence from a dead hang position from a pull-up.

Raise your knees up to your chest while simultaneously pulling your chest to the height of the bar.

As you reach this height loosen your grip to rotate your hands around the bar as you commence a bodyweight dip.

Push through the triceps to extend your arms while your torso is above the pull-up bar.

Slowly reverse the movement (perform a dip negative before lowering your arms back down to a dead hang).


Repeat for the desired number of repetitions.

Similar & Substitute Exercises 

  • Hanging Leg Raises
  • Skin The Cat
  • Chest To Bar Pull-Ups

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