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How To Live Well (My Realization And What It Takes)

How To Live Well

When you think or hear of someone 'living well' you probably think of designer items, luxury cars, a big mansion and whatever other goods they desire.
Working with this definition it doesn't take long to realize that not many people really are able to 'live well' as a life with this excessive amount of possessions is expensive and unaffordable for the majority, meanwhile the average man is thousands upon thousands of dollars deep in debt (ironically in an attempt to fund this style of life).

But that's societies version of living well...

Having spent the last fortnight in a third world country with very few of my possessions (I packed as Spartan as possible, a few pairs of clothes, my Kindle, notepad and ultrabook were almost all I carried) I took some time to think about what living well actually means to me. Not what the consumerist ads on TV or my epicurean friends tell me.

Here's What It Takes for Me to Live Well...

The Ability to Say 'No!'

To live well you don't need millions upon millions of dollars provided your living expenses are relatively low. Having enough funds to be able to say 'no' to a job or task (or paying someone else to do it) is sufficient.

Nutrient Dense Foods

I know many, many people that splurge on electronics yet when it comes to food they're very quick to buy the cheapest frozen noodles and junk food they can find (as good food is seen as a waste of money) which does their physique & health no favors.


Big cities have big opportunities, funds and freedom (no accountability to 'the man') will allow you to travel as you please, for as long as you please while carving up new opportunities and networking.

Tools to Transform My Physique

A gym membership, a few pieces of gym equipment or even a deck of cards - something when combined with mental insanity that will allow you to forge a physique or granite. 


To look good at all times, doesn't have to be expensive or flashy, as Victor Pride divulges in the Bold And Determined casual style guide if you've built your physique well then basic clothes will look fantastic.
The reverse is also true, look terrible and regardless of the brand of clothing you're wearing they'll still look terrible.

The Means to Serve

The internet and a notepad are all I need to spread the message on how you can transform your physique exactly like I did.

Access to Smarter People

Books, seminars, travelling and networking with those who have succeeded in the endeavours you're pursuing. You don't need access to Bill Gates, just pick up his book and those that he recommends. Inexpensive. Get to your local library and reserve books without spending a cent if need be.

As I said earlier this is almost the exact opposite of what society deems to be 'living well'. It doesn't take much for me

Luxury Breeds Anxiety

Expensive things require more caution & attention. 

Think about an expensive car... your dream car perhaps, you can't park it in public, it needs to be serviced a certain way, there's a much higher chance of it being damaged or stolen which increases your subconscious anxiety.

A life riddled with constant subconscious anxiety is not a live being lived well. 

Don't Forget About Opportunity Cost!

How much does it cost to watch TV? the normal answer might be a few cents per day to cover the cost of power but what about your own potential that is being squandered for every hour spent sitting infront of the idiot box? You have knowledge and skills, no doubt. Your time could be worth $100 per hour. You watched 20 hours of TV last week.

Watching TV could be costing you $2,000 a week, expensive isn't it?

What Does Living Well Mean to You?

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Scott J.
Scott J.
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