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Momentum And The Flying Trapeze Of Life

Enter The Trapeze

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Every few weeks I like to do something far outside of my comfort zone, often referred to as the life or death test.

Not long ago, flying trapeze was the activity I'd decided upon, pushing my core strength, grip and confidence to the test!

Back flipping off a straight bar while flying at speed many meters above the ground and hanging from only the backs of your knees as you glide through the hot summer's air isn't an experience I'll forget.

Neither is a piece of advice my coach told me while learning the movements between tricks.

"Most people make the transition into their next move far more difficult than it has to be, it's all about timing. Use the peak of each swing, the point at which you have the greatest momentum to get you moving into the next sequence...Momentum will help you immensely, most people wait until it's too late and they make things harder for themselves as they've missed the power point... they're on the decline with poor timing and no momentum, this is why most people fail to string tricks together into a sequence".

Execute At The Right Time

When you've got momentum you must execute.

No ifs, no buts.

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When momentum is on your side USE IT.

As petrifying as swinging to the arc of the trapeze was I knew that was the time to make my move.

I gripped the bar, jumped off the platform and now I had to follow through on the arc of my swing.

How to build momentum

Don't Fall Victim To Self Sabotage

Momentum either works for you or against you.

Once you've built momentum you must use it, your confidence, focus and ability are all at their peak - you're able to perform better, see clearer and get shit done.

If you procrastinate, if you fall victim to paralysis by analysis.

Momentum will be the train thrashing downhill, and the only way it's going to stop is by taking you out with it.

And once you lose momentum you're back to nothing, a small snowball trying to build traction to form an avalanche once more.

This Applies To Everything

Forget the physical trapeze, that doesn't matter.

The trapeze is your life.

It has peaks and troughs, it swings and arcs.

You must be prepared to pull the trigger and execute on your goals while momentum is behind you.

Don't sabotage yourself and make things harder.

You Must Know How To Build Momentum

Scott J.
Scott J.
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