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5 Daily Supplements That’ll Improve Your Life

Take These 5 Daily Supplements! 
There’s a ton of different supplements out there, from protein powders to pre-workout potions, fat burners, testosterone boosters and more.
Most of them are overpriced pieces of junk, marketed at your lethargic nature.

If you check the label on any number of these bodybuilding supplements you’ll soon see just how shady they are – with bogus claims from in-house studies, yet no definitive list of ingredients of dosages in the supplement.

Forget those shady pills and potions, as there’s a number of inexpensive supplements out there that’re simple, spartan and have stood the test of time.

Take the following 5 inexpensive supplements daily and watch your health, energy, aesthetics & virility increase.

 After a few months of using these supplements daily I found myself wondering why everyone doesn’t supplement with these basics... and therein lies your answer...

As the supplements listed below are basic vitamins there’s no lucrative loop hole or sexy marketing campaign the supplement giants can push, so the benefits of zinc, fish oil, vitamin D3 and the like continue to fly under the radar.

1. Fish Oil

Fish oil is without a doubt the #1 supplement for your joints and brain.
If you could only fit one supplement into your budget without a doubt I’d recommend you go for fish oil.

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Fish oil contains EFA (essential fatty acids) and is available in both capsule and liquid form (I opt for capsule).

Fish oil has many health benefits, including improved blood cholesterol profile and improved bone health – no more squeaky joints! It also assists in protecting against major diseases such as cancer.

Further, fish oil assists in increasing the serotonin levels within your body which results in an overall increase in happiness and well-being. Recent studies also show that fish oil may have an influence on muscle protein synthesis.

When selecting my fish oil I ensure it is high in EPA/DHA as these are the main omega 3 fatty acids.  I take 2 – 3 capsules twice per day.

Here's the fish oil I recommend and use.

2. Vitamin D3

We estimate that vitamin D deficiency is the most common medical condition in the world.”
Dr. Michael F. Holick

Vitamin D is an extremely powerful vitamin, and this isn’t a particularly new discovery.
Just shy of 90 years ago, the German Swimmer’s association found out about the immense fat loss, mass gain and performance benefits of vitamin D, the sunlight vitamin and begun using sunlamps on their swimmers in order to boost their performance.

As we’ll discuss shortly, the synthesis of vitamin D (via sunlight or pill supplementation) boosts performance which back in 1927 lead to numerous accusations of doping.

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If these swimmers initially had high or at least adequate levels of vitamin D the sunlight supplementation wouldn’t have given off anywhere near as much of a prominent increase in performance as it did – but these swimmers, like most of us were deficient in vitamin D – therefore boosting their vitamin D levels made a night and day difference to their performance in the pool.

Your health, performance and happiness are all linked to vitamin D.
A vitamin D supplement is inexpensive, easy to take and as you’ll soon see offers immense benefits.

Vitamin D Aids Muscle Growth

Vitamin D (through the regulation of neuromuscular functioning) impacts the synthesis of protein.
Individuals studied that  are deficient in Vitamin D (below 30 nmol/l) had decreased strength, muscle wastage and overall weak muscles.

Vitamin D Aids Fat Loss

Studies have suggested that when supplementation of vitamin D is combined with resistance training (weights) overweight individuals noticed a decrease in their waist to hip ratio.

This study was performed on 23 overweight individuals over the course of 12 weeks.

Here’s what the authors had to say:

“The results of the current study demonstrated that vitamin D supplementation improved muscular power in healthy overweight and obese individuals within four weeks and that elevated vitamin D status was associated with greater losses in waist circumference, with no additional benefits in lean mass accumulation, muscular strength, or glucose tolerance during participation in a 12-week resistance exercise training program.

The current results support previous findings that indicate a relationship between vitamin D status and waist circumference rather than fat mass. The inverse relationship with waist circumference is particularly important as abdominal fat has been implicated as an important factor in the development of Type 2 diabetes…

Waist circumference is also an independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease. Therefore, the greater decrease in waist circumference associated with higher vitamin D intake represents a potential reduction in risk for metabolic disease and cardiovascular risk.”

Vitamin D Increases Performance

Vitamin D has had countless studies performed regarding the improvement of performance in athletes, below are some of the notable results.

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Russian study suggests 100M sprint times improved 7.4% by those who had vitamin d exposure

German study suggests 13% increase in performance on a bike ergometer

German study on children suggests overall fitness improved in children whom were given the correct dosage of vitamin d

German study suggests reaction times in children improved by 17% when given correct vitamin d exposure

American college study indicated women exposed to ultraviolet irradiation (vitamin d) noticed improvements in strength, speed and endurance.

Vitamin D Deficiency Is Known To Cause Numerous Health Problems

there’s a TON of health benefits from getting in the right amount of vitamin D each day… such as:

  • Prevention of stress fractures
  • Maintain a healthy vitality
  • Reduced risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s
  • Reduction in eye inflammation due to aging
  • Assists in the prevention of type 2 diabetes

Vitamin D Increases Your Happiness

Of course, supplementation is just that – supplementing the real deal.

However, in winter when the sun is barely out it’s hard to get your vitamin D fix from the sun…
Ever notice how we often feel a bit down on gloomy days? Experiencing the ‘winter blues?’
Pick up a vitamin D supplement to make up for your lack of natural sunlight exposure. it helps reduce depressive symptoms in the long term and improves your health.

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Here's the Vitamin D3 I recommend and use.

3. Zinc Picolinate

Sonny deemed zinc to be the most important mineral for men, and I don’t disagree, here’s the benefits you’ll reap from using a zinc supplement:

Increase Strength & Performance In The Gym

There’s no debate over whether zinc improves strength and performance, as zinc is linked to hormone production having sufficient or surplus levels of zinc in the body (especially after you’ve been in a zinc deficit) results in increased testosterone, growth hormone and IGF-1 production. Without adequate zinc our hormone production is hindered and as a result we struggle to gain muscle, strength and the energy required to do so.

When we flip the coin and boost our zinc levels you’ll be ramping up that production and tearing through your workouts.

Studies also suggest our post workout recovery time is improved due to the hormones produced after your workout thanks to the help of zinc supplementation.

Boosts Your Testosterone Levels & Help Your Hormones

Low zinc is directly correlated with low testosterone levels.
Not only is this an issue when it comes to trying to build muscle and remain energetic, but risk of prostate cancer, infertility and low libido.

As mentioned above, testosterone, growth hormone and IGF-1 production are all increased after several weeks of zinc supplementation.

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If your zinc levels are currently deficient you’ll notice the biggest difference as this increase in male hormone production will send your libido through the roof (which is also another reason many guys love supplementing with zinc!)

Improve Your Immune System Health

Poor immune system function along with forms of cancer (for men, specifically prostate cancer) can be greatly reduced when zinc levels are sufficient.
The easiest way to get sufficient zinc levels is via supplementation.
There’s many other minerals out there that’re easy to hit our quota directly via whole foods, unfortunately zinc is not one of them, unless you find yourself eating a lot of oysters and shellfish!

Increase Insulin Sensitivity

In order to maintain good insulin health adequate zinc levels are required.
How does zinc assist insulin health? Well, zinc binds to insulin – ensuring it is stored adequately in the pancreas and is released when glucose (sugar) enters your blood stream.

Zinc is also known to be an anti-inflammatory, as a result of this via zinc supplementation we’re able to assist in removing substances resulting in inflammed cells (in essence, zinc assists in maintaining cell health).

Feel More Energetic & Alive While Decreasing Feelings Of Depression

Dopamine, the feel good chemical that we feel when we’re enjoying an experience is partially regulated by your zinc level.

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Suppressed dopamine and low testosterone levels will have you surviving, but not thriving.

Increased libido, an increase feeling of well-being, decreased symptoms of depression and more energy to crush your day are all by-products of elevated zinc levels.

Here's the Zinc I recommend and use.

4. Dandelion Root Extract

Dandelion is a natural diuretic that’s often used to decrease water retention; I first discovered dandelion root extract capsules upon recommendation by a fellow gym-goer as a way to drop that last bit of water weight and bloating before a photoshoot. After seeing fantastic results taking 3 capsules per day I decided to start taking it year round – my physique now remains relatively ‘dry’ year round as a result.

There’s other (expensive) and dangerous diuretics out there that I haven’t and won’t touch because dandelion root works perfectly.

Here's the dandelion root extract I recommend and use.

5. Multivitamin

As a sort of ‘insurance policy’ I highly recommend everyone take a high quality multivitamin.

Vitamins and minerals from whole food sources are preferred, however when we can’t quite hit our vitamin B12 or zinc quota via whole food that’s where your multivitamin will come to the rescue.

Should you eat junk food and expect taking a multivitamin to make it all better? No.

Focus on eating nutrient dense foods and take a multivitamin a day to assist with any shortcomings.

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Here's the multivitamin I recommend and use.

What's Your Take On My 5 Daily Supplements? Let Me Know Below! 

Scott J.
Scott J.
I’m SJ. I’m a fitness enthusiast and published author. I transformed my body from a skinny fat 135lbs with 18% body fat to a solid 192lbs at 8% body fat. I became qualified in a field I was passionate about. I founded several online businesses that allow me to pursue ideas and projects in my life that I am passionate about without having to constantly worry about money. I published several eBooks explaining the training and dieting techniques I used to achieve the body I have today. I learnt a plethora of new information on dieting and fitness by reading and applying what I read, to find out what does work and what doesn’t work, because as I’m sure you’ve noticed the health and fitness industry is full of non-sense claims and BS. I found out what was true and what worked for me and applied that knowledge. And you bet I had fun during the whole process.

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